Friday, August 23

Tits Ahoy! With Karina Hart

"I never thought about modeling before," Karina Hart said in one of her interviews. "I always wanted to be an actress in movies and plays. When I was a small child, I wanted to be a fashion model, but as you can see, my body is not built for that. "Once my breasts started to develop, I knew that I wouldn't be able to be a fashion model. Fashion models are all tall and skinny with tiny breasts. I have big breasts." Karina was a long way away from any major bodies of water in the countryside near Budapest, Hungary but she deserved her own yacht to go with her nautical clothes and captain's cap.

Sunday, May 12

It's Karina's World. We Just Live In It!

One of the editors wrote, "Karina's smiles are very inviting. She instinctively knows that looking serious, looking poker-faced at the camera, the 'Top Model' television school of haughty body language, is not her and not what her fans like. Karina positively beams when she poses, no matter what type of photograph or video she is making. She radiates joy and happiness and the camera captures that." SCORE magazine Vol. 28 No. 1 was dedicated to Karina with a cover composed of three images and a ten page spread. "Karina was only 22 years old and living in Brno, Czech Republic when she debuted. She couldn't have guessed that her schooling would be temporarily sidetracked by her big-boob modeling career."

Sunday, February 3

Who Doesn't Have A Big Hart-On For Karina Hart?

"I think I was the bustiest girl in school except for one bigger girl, but I really can't say" Karina Hart recalled. "I never realized that I had bigger breasts than the other girls so I was never thinking about it. I did not compare myself. I guess the boys used to pay more attention to me than the other girls, but I didn't know why." Of course, Karina knew why but she is a modest person. Every TSG staff member who met Karina in person had a story to tell. She was never photographed in Miami so only a few actually met her in person. Maria, a former editor at V-mag, wrote, "Karina was one of the first models that I met on the Hungary for Hooters trip and here's a fun fact: she and I shared the same bottle of shampoo the whole trip. Which is not hot at all. But have any of you ever shared shampoo with Karina Hart? Nope. So let me have my moment. We also chit-chatted about music. She is a big fan of rap, especially Tupac, and made jokes. She is a charming woman.

Wednesday, December 12

Private Belly Dancer Karina

Imagine Karina Hart as a belly dancer! You don't have to imagine because here she is, done up like an exotic, gypsy belly dancer. Just one thing, though: You're going to have a hard time keeping your eyes on her belly, with those big naturals of hers bouncing all over the place. "I do not think I would make a very good belly dancer," Karina said. "My boobs keep falling out." And that's a bad thing? "It could be," she said. "Don't men bring their wives to watch belly dancers?" Not if the belly dancer was Karina. That would be a big mistake. But here's the deal, guys: You don't have to bring you wife or significant other to see Karina's dance. She's doing it just for you, right here. A private belly dance. What a country!

Thursday, August 23

Karina’s Kitchen

She has big tits. She's beautiful. She's sexy. And she can cook? Is Karina Hart the perfect woman, or what? "Well, I do not cook a lot," she said. "I am very busy with my studies. But if I had the right man and he wanted me to cook for him, I would!" In these pictures and the accompanying video, Karina makes quite a mess out of the kitchen, which is exactly what we wanted. And how about those doughy tits? Hey, you knew we couldn't resist that line! Anyway, imagine: You wake up in the morning after a night of incredible sex with Karina. You can't count how many times you came all over her tits. And now, you're hungry. And you smell something good coming from the kitchen. Karina's cooking!

Tuesday, July 10

Karina Heart School Stress Relief

Gorgeous and busty Czech babe Karina Heart as your instructor is a dream cum true for anyone needing some sweet stress relief from school. Having this legendary beauty in front of you in class will no doubt keep you lost with satisfying moments of masturbation - and who could blame you? In today's epic solo premium porn video shot in Full HD for 1By-Day, lose your concentration and bust a load while Karina strips down to her pink and instructs you on the finer points of big tits porn! Watch from your desk as Karina unleashes her 34H cleavage in her lace, scarlet boulder holders practically bursting out of her blouse. Fantasize about Miss Heart removing her top and lifting her tight pencil skirt so she can show you her creamy thighs in black garters and sheer black stockings. Imagine her pale and pink nipples hanging over a T-square crammed just so between her rack. Get lost in her massive titties as she pancakes them while lying on her desk, or as she kneels and starts to sway them while giving you side boob views. Miss Heart just became your Teacher of the Year!

Monday, March 19

Karina & Christy Marks Together!

Bonuses can be so tacky, don't you think? A frozen turkey. A gift card to Target. The always-feared grab bag, in which you're sure to get something you don't want from somebody you don't like. But your bonus from isn't tacky, and it's certainly not something you'll want to give back. It's the gift that keeps on giving: Super stacked naturals Karina and Christy Marks (the 2007 SCORE Newcomer of the Year) going tit-to-tit for the first time. The scene: a romantic castle in Budapest, Hungary. Karina had never done girl-girl before, and she was nervous about it until she ended up in the hands of Christy, who loves tits and pussy nearly as much as she loves cock. "I loved playing with Karina's breasts", Christy said. "They're so big and heavy, but they're soft. I loved sucking on them. And you know what I loved most?" No, Christy. What? "Making Karina cum!"